A Heath Ohio Home owners ASSOCIATION
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River Oaks is located in a quiet setting in Heath, OH. The River Oaks Community Organization is dedicated

to serving our neighborhood by providing a valuable service to all our neighbors, while accomplishing more to provide a larger impact on our community.  We welcome you with open arms.  

We are always in search of community-based volunteers; volunteers aid the community in various ways.  To learn more, contact:

Jared Lane (President) 


Phone:  (740) 973-4770

HOA History -

Home Owners Associations first emerged in the United States in the mid 19th  century. Their growth was limited until the 1960's when several factors led to a period of rapid national growth, including a push toward large scale residential development by the Federal Housing Authority and the Urban Land Institute, which led to an increasing cultural preference for architectural uniformity and readily available land.

About River Oaks